Pravana Hair Color: Great Color Treatment

Pravana hair color is an industry leader in professional, permanent and semi-permanent staining hair dyes. Their multiple lines offer a wide range of out of the box color selections while their dye composition allows for easy mixing of colors to create your perfect hue or shade using a Pravana hair color chart. Pravana color is only available through select websites and professional hair care distributors. However, it receives rave reviews from both professionals and clients in nearly every aspect as one of the best hair color brands.

Popular Pravana Color Options

  • Pravana Chromasilk Hair Color: This is the main line of Pravana colors. It features 101 different permanent offerings to allow you to find your ideal color. Colors can also be mixed for additional flexibility. Common colors include ash blonde, black, brown and red.
  • Pravana Hair Color Vivids: This semi-permanent line offers 10 distinct colors. Options include red, silver, dark orchid, blue and green. Keratin amino acids and silk amino acids are mixed with the color to provide superior color retention and shine.


  • Silk Degrees Pravana Color: This botanical line features six different shades of all-natural hair color. Colors are semi-permanent, gentle on your hair and wash completely out within six to eight washings. These traits make this line perfect for testing a new hair color.

Benefits of the Pravana Brand

Pravana color offers a number of benefits over competing brands of hair color sprays. A few of the major benefits offered include:

  • Long Lasting Performance: Both the Chromasilk and Vivids line of Pravana color provide vibrant, rich coloring for up to eight weeks. Even once the color has dulled or faded, a simple refreshing is all that is required in most cases. This allows you to spend less time on hair upkeep and more time enjoying your beautiful, healthy hair.
  • Hair Nourishment: While frequent dying and treatments can damage hair, Pravana color uses organic proteins and simple, natural ingredients in many of their dyes to reduce the risk of hair damage. Many of their dyes can be applied direct from the tube to reduce the number of harsh chemicals that your hair is exposed to. They also offer a full line of treatments to keep your hair healthy and looking great between color applications.
  • Easy Blending: Most Pravana color options can be mixed with each other directly in the bowl without the need for a peroxide developer. This makes it easy to create custom colors, apply advanced coloring effects and find the ideal color for your needs.


Tips when Using Pavana Color

  • Avoid dye staining and drips: The colors in Pravana color are formulated to last. Any drips or spills will require plenty of scrubbing to clean up. Lining your work area in towels and placing petroleum jelly along the hair line can help reduce staining.
  • Use heat to increase results: Using a dye cap or low-temp blow dryer will help to intensify colors and provide outstanding results.
  • Apply with a brush: Applying Pravana hair color using a brush allows you to precisely place your color and avoid unwanted staining and discoloration.

When using Pravana color, there are a few things to keep in mind to achieve optimal results. These tips mentioned will help you have the best experience possible.